How your mailbox can be compromised in a few seconds

This is a massage I received from Gmail Alert a couple of minutes ago.

Without much thinking I clicked on Restore and got here:

I was just one step from sending my password to hackers. Frankly, I hadn’t looked good at the e-mail address next to Gmail Alert, because the massage was not from Google.

But there were some weird things in the “Restore” page that stopped me at once: (1) I had to fill in my username, (2) The language changed from Dutch to English and finally and most importantly (3) the url of the website.

I think those hackers are 12-13 old schoolboys, otherwise their phishing attempt would be much more sophisticated. Anyways, beware of phishers. It can be really annoying when your mail account is compromised.

BarCamp 2012

BarCamp 2012 even is over. For me already the 3th one. This is a yearly event in various places in the world where you can share your ideas and knowledge about ICT in an informal environment.

For me, in #barcampevn12 one of the special things was to meet people with whom I had mostly/only online contact before. I heard the US ambassador telling his experience of using Twitter (I followed him already a couple of weeks).

I was most impressed by the presentations of Hadi about internet security. For the first time I realized that open source software and browsers are not only good because they are free and anyone can change them, but they are safer; dozens of websites, browsers and unknown companies use our personal data while we are completely unaware of that (see the screenshots).

Now, I have changed my browser and I even try to use duckduckgo instead of google as Hadi recommended (don’t think it will last long…).

Not all presentations were equally interesting. Some people even took the chance to promote their project/website.

For the first time I gave a presentation. It had the title “Myths about Wikipedia”. My massage was: Wikipedia is not written by some ‘volunteers’ as many think, it is an encyclopedia whose editors are its readers, i.e. you and me. I was really glad to read that rated my presentation #4 in the “top 5” of BarCamp 2012.

I hope to see everyone next year (or maybe this year in BarCamp Shushi)!