Does the world need to recognize the Armenian Genocide?

Does the world need to recognize the Armenian Genocide?
Does the world need to hear about the Armenian Genocide?

Do we, the Armenians, need that? Do we need to worry about (further) recognition? These are questions I often ask myself. Especially when it’s 24 April, or when, for instance, a country wants to criminalize the denial of Armenian Genocide.

Today I just realized that the Armenian Genocide is more than a horrible part of modern history: it’s something that we, humanity, can’t hold ourselves responsible for.

Many people feel responsible for the wars and violence in the world, even for wars which took place before they were born. You can often hear one saying that we people were so stupid to fight against each other, we killed each other.. Most people also feel responsible for poverty. We feel guilt and we blame ourselves for environmental pollution and deforestation, for making planet Earth sick.

But no one is able or wanting to feel responsible for a genocide, in particular the Armenian Genocide, even those who actually would apologize for it.

I think that’s because our inability to deeply accept that such thing could and has happened in our modern world.

So again: Does the world need to recognize the Armenian Genocide?