Eurasian union? No way!

I really expect this will be nevertheless undone. The incumbent president and his party have lost any popularity in the past years and especially after the last elections. I think you can hardly find anyone in Armenia who’d believe those election were democratic.

The only thing that somehow backed up the “winning” president and his party were the statements of EU and OSCE observers saying the elections were not very bad at all (so angry local observers and activists that they even interrupted OSCE/ODHR press conference).

European counterparts will probably no longer backup Sargsyan, he has 0 popularity in his country, he hasn’t done anything successfully to improve the economy of Armenia, and there are thousands of people emigrating every week. I think soon after he gets back home he will see no other choice than resign.

Or he must start using harsh force to repress protest waves (indeed this seems very likely. Recently Armenian police was arresting teenager activists like there were terrorists; these activists were, by the way. protesting against “smaller” things, like transport fares hike or distortion of a national monument.

Even if Sargsyan won’t resign or call back his statement, “Russian empire” will face a intensive resistance in Armenia, every day, every hour. The overwhelming majority does not want to be part of the EurasianUnion or Tax Union. There is a generation which can’t accept the idea of a renewed USSR.