Death comes after death

When you loose someone, you don’t realize at once that they are dead. You see a body lying there, but you can’t believe it’s actually them. That what is lying there is after all cold and pale, while your loved one continues to be the warm and vivid person in your memory. When my grandpa died I could make jokes sitting next to his coffin. I had the feeling this was something symbolic, it could not be really himself. The burial seemed a chilly ceremony and everyone was in a hurry to finish it as quickly as possible (it was damn freezing and it was almost New year).

Deep inside, you believe this is just a game, and once you are back home you’ll find the dead person sitting the same place, alife.

Days later you start missing the person intensely. Then you realize that they won’t come back to home and it is then when you really feel the pain of losing them. Death comes after death.