Death comes after death

When you loose someone, you don’t realize at once that they are dead. You see a body lying there, but you can’t believe it’s actually them. That what is lying there is after all cold and pale, while your loved one continues to be the warm and vivid person in your memory. When my grandpa died I could make jokes sitting next to his coffin. I had the feeling this was something symbolic, it could not be really himself. The burial seemed a chilly ceremony and everyone was in a hurry to finish it as quickly as possible (it was damn freezing and it was almost New year).

Deep inside, you believe this is just a game, and once you are back home you’ll find the dead person sitting the same place, alife.

Days later you start missing the person intensely. Then you realize that they won’t come back to home and it is then when you really feel the pain of losing them. Death comes after death.

Infinite odd numbers

It is really interesting to read this and compare with my earlier speculation about infinity.

In that infinite universe, Paddy Murphy Night not only occurs once, or several times, but an infinite number of times. (However, non-Paddy Murphy Night also occurs an infinite number of times. This illustrates Cantor’s principle that if you remove an infinite set from an infinite set, another infinite set remains…)1

1 For example, the set of whole numbers continues to infinity, but so does the set of even numbers. If you subtract the even numbers from the whole numbers, you still have an infinite set of odd numbers.

The notion that odd numbers can continue infinitely and still never repeat or never become even numbers, seems however to challenge the idea that infinite time and space will inevitably create recurring patterns.

The quote is from Robert Anton Wilson’s Quantum psychology (p. 67).

When disappointed

I have noticed that whenever someone disappoints me or whenever I get disappointed in humanity, I think and I think, and eventually I conclude that I am actually disappointed in myself.

At the end, I curse myself, I reconcile with myself. End of story.

I’m not sure, but I think all introverts act like this.


Arguing about Infinity

― Just imagine what it means when you say the Universe is infinite! If time and space are really infinite, then eventually somewhere, at some point it will create recurring patterns and it will start repeating itself. One part of the Universe will be truly identical to an other part. Any detail of it, up to the number of protons in any single atom…

A universe like this will ultimately create a person that is completely identical to me or to you. Just think of it: somewhere, someone has exactly same thoughts that go through your head right now. And it wont stop there, because the infinite universe will create an infinite number of exactly the same person ― those who slightly differ not counted.

So, while we are sitting here and arguing with me, there are an infinite number of us, the same two guys having the same conversation. And later, when you sit and write this in your blog, there are an infinite number of you who are writing exactly the same post. Having said that: there will be also an infinite number of people reading it! Crazy isn’t it, Imandes?

― No. I think you are wrong. You are not talking about an Infinite Universe, you are talking about a finite universe in fact. Because if one part of the universe doesn’t differ from an other one, then these two are identical. If you travel through the universe and find someone who is totally like myself, who has the same body, the same parents, the same future, who’s living on the same planet, in the same solar system, then there should be no doubt that it’s myself and nobody else!

If the universe is repeating itself, then it’s not infinite, it’s a closed circle. An infinite universe will never repeat itself. It will evolve and evolve and evolve and every-time and always and everywhere it will be unique, not a single atom will be the same as another one. Just like numbers.

Eco-villages and our future

Eco-village in Litvia (photo from

I dream to see eco-villages and eco-towns in my country. I think big cities will never (not in my life time at least) become environment-friendly enough, they always were and are centres of pollution and nature-destruction.

In a village, hardly anyone will spend millions to place advertisements and billboards on every corner, they will not spend so much money for only a few people. In cities we are manipulated 24 hours a day, we are persuaded into buying this and that, so we never have much time to think what we really want. We are constantly distracted, we never have enough time for the important things in life.

On the other hand, as the important things of life started to move to the digital world, it doesn’t mutter much anymore what your geographical location IRL is. So why not choose to live in the nature, in a healthy and sustainable environment? Why not choose the bike-way instead of the traffic-jam?

Big cities are not only environmental-unfriendly, they are also home of great social inequality. There is significantly more equality in villages than in cities. Roofless people can be found in cities not in villages. For me, a village is the symbol of socialism, whereas a city is that of capitalism. Cities make a country moreover unequal in itself: people earn more and have more possibilities in cities, governments invest all the money in big cities, the villages and smaller cities get what is left over.

I don’t say we don’t need cities in the future. I think in the coming one-two decades most people will still want to live in cities. But this is going to change. I imagine a future where we’ll have small cities and towns surrounded by hyper-modern eco-villages.