Portrait of an Unborn Revolution

Portrait of an unborn revolution

While former presidential candidate Raffi Hovhannisyan entered the Presidential Palace to negotiate with the reelected president Serzh Sargsyan, probably thousands demonstrated on Bagramyan street shouting “Serzhik leave!”, “Raffi president!” and singing the anthem of the Republic of Armenia.

Sargsyan was officially declared winner of the presidential elections on 18 February 2013. International observers praised this elections as being democratic and well organized, but domestic observers, civil society representatives and opposition parties criticized them as not being fair and not democratic enough. They indicated that the ruling party, the Republican party of Armenia ― almost 70% of all municipal governors, as well many school principals, university rectors being members of this party ― (mis)used their administrative resources to get the incumbent president reelected. Irregularities and incidents of fraud were recorded by journalists and observers and actively shared on social media.

After negotiating with Serzh Sargsyan, Raffi Hovhannisyan called on the demonstrators to come to a next rally tomorrow (Friday) promising to unreveal the details of this negotiation and — as he phrased — the victory will be ours.

Many hope this means a long awaited revolution, while others are sceptical whether Hovhannisyan is able to act a a revolution leader.

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